The C.I.C.A. and Dogbite Claims

The CICA-paying compensation to the victims of violent crime.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is a government-funded organisation that pays compensation to the victims of violent crime and will, in the right circumstances, make payment to the victims of dog bite injuries.

They will pay out if their usual requirements are met ( as set out below) but only if it can be shown that the dog was used as a weapon. This means that you won’t be entitled to claim from the CICA if the next-door neighbour accidentally left their gate open and their dog bit you; if however during a dispute with your neighbour they deliberately set their dog on you and you sustained an injury then you could look to make a claim.

As well as the above the CICA will require:

  • the incident happened in the past two years (subject to the age of the victim)
  • the matter was reported to the police as soon as reasonably possible (usually within 48 hours)
  • the injury is worth at least £1000.00 in damages
  • you cooperated throughout any prosecution that the police may choose to bring
  • your behaviour or conduct did not in any way contribute to the incident.

Claims to the CICA can be made direct and without the assistance of a solicitor however, the intention of the owner can be difficult to prove and you may want to seek legal advice.

Solicitors do not get paid by the CICA so we can deal with your claim on the basis that if we are successful we will look to retain 25% (plus vat) to cover our costs; if your claim is not successful we will not charge you a penny for the work we have done.

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