The Same Roof Rule

If in the past you have made an application to the criminal injuries compensation authority and had your application rejected under the same roof rule then you may want to consider making a fresh application.

Since June 2019 new legislation has come into force which sees an end to the same roof rule.

The abolition of the same roof rule

The same roof rule prevented the victims of abuse and or assault from receiving an award if they lived in the same house as there attacker. The same roof rule was abolished in 1979 but was not made retrospective. This meant there were instances where two children were the subject of abuse by a family member but the elder, who had been abused before 1979, was refused an award whereas the younger sibling who had been abused after the abolition of the rule would receive an award.

The abolition of the rule now means that people who lost out under the original ruling can again apply for an award to which they are entitled and which they deserve.

It is very important to note that the standard CICA two-year rule for making an application applies, therefore, you have until the 13th of June 2021 to lodge your application.

In view of the many years that have passed since the original application and award would’ve been refused, there may be issues obtaining evidence of loss et cetera and, while the CICA will help and assist with your application you may wish to instruct solicitors to act on your behalf.

We have the knowledge and experience to submit your application with evidence in support of your injuries and losses so as to maximise the level of award you may receive.

We can help you claim

If you would like to discuss the matter with complete confidence please do not hesitate to call us. We will happily discuss the circumstances of your application, the chance of success and possible levels of the ward you may receive.

Your application can be dealt with on a no win-no fee basis.